40th Annual Library Finals - held at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - East Liberty

April 6, 2013

Grades 5 - 8

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Wang, Nathan ZPETRM81220W13W3D4D231st Place Trophy
2Senthil, SwathiSFYMS51352D6W11W5D132nd Place Trophy
3Lavande, ShaunakBOYCE6 932W9L1W6W833rd Place Trophy
4Muftuoglu, AralMOSMD51196W11W12D1D534th Place Trophy
5Lagerquist, KarstenHOMEP71018W7W8L2D425th Place Ribbon
6Borkovich, MadisonDORSE6 803D2W13L3W725th Place Ribbon
7Alagar, RajanHOMEP7 622L5W9W10L62
8King, ColinHOMEP8UnrB-L5W12L321st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
9Adalbert, NoahHOMEE5UnrL3L7B-W1221st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
10Donnelly, KevinSUNCR7UnrL12B-L7W1121st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
11O'Connell, EdgarPCAPA6 639L4L2W13L101
12Rodes, ChristopherKNTUK5 896W10L4L8L91
13Alagar, KrishnanHOMEP7 676L1L6L11B-1

Grades K - 4

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Wang, Eric JINGOE31270W12W2W3W441st Place Trophy
2Matros, ConstantinJEFFE2 620W5L1W10W832nd Place Trophy
3Varshney, PraneelHERIT21079W7W6L1W933rd Place Trophy
4Gao, AllenFALK41056W13W8W9L134th Place Trophy
5Caginap, RyanHOMEE3UnrL2W12W7W635th Place Ribbon
6Sooriamurthi, AnandENVCS3 504W11L3W13L52
7Graham, WilliamINGOE2 334L3W11L5W132
8Cheng, Aaron KetHwaLINDN4UnrW14L4W15L221st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
9Busche, JacksonPVLLY3 448W16W15L4L32
10Hensler, MasonLINDN3UnrD15W14L2D1221st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
11Vangara, SuryaDONAL4UnrL6L7W14W1521st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
12Rockwood, GideonLIBER2 342L1L5W16D101
13Alagar, BalajiWINCH2 283L4W16L6L71
14Jones, Owen KylarROOSV1 574L8L10L11W161
15David, BruceMONCC4 521D10L9L8L11
16Stone, BriannaGRNVL2UnrL9L13L12L140


## of PlayersCodeSchoolDistrict
14HOMEPHome Middle SchoolPrivate School District
22HOMEEHome Elementary SchoolPrivate School District
32INGOEIngomar Elementary SchoolNorth Allegheny School District
42LINDNLinden Elementary SchoolPittsburgh School District
51BOYCEBoyce Middle SchoolUpper St Clair School District
61PCAPACreative Performing Arts SchoolPittsburgh School District
71DONALDonaldson Elementary SchoolWest Allegheny School District
81DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
91ENVCSEnvironmental Charter SchoolPittsburgh School District
101FALKFalk SchoolPrivate School District
111GRNVLGreen Valley Elementary SchoolEast Allegheny School District
121HERITHeritage Elementary SchoolFranklin Regional School District
131JEFFEJefferson Elementary SchoolMount Lebanon School District
141KNTUKKentucky Avenue SchoolPrivate School District
151LIBERLiberty Elementary SchoolPittsburgh School District
161MONCCMontessori Children CenterPrivate School District
171MOSMDMosside Middle SchoolGateway School District
181PETRMPeters Township Middle SchoolPeters Township School District
191PVLLYPleasant Valley SchoolPeters Township School District
201ROOSVRoosevelt Elementary SchoolPittsburgh School District
211SFYMSSouth Fayette Middle SchoolSouth Fayette School District
221SUNCRSuncrest Middle SchoolMonongalia County School District
231WINCHWinchester Thurston SchoolPrivate School District

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