Chess-for-Pittsburgh-Youth Program
Annual Guest Speaker for 2002-2003

Grandmaster Gregory Kaidanov

GM Kaidanov gave lessons throughout the day.

Blindfold performance
This blindfold game against Gab Petesch created quite a sensation.

Blindfold performance
Blindfold chess requires a lot of concentration.

Passing out trophies
At the end of the tournament, GM Kaidanov gave each winner their trophy.

Shiny trophies
There were a lot of shiny trophies.

Later that evening, GM Kaidanov played a simul against a group of excited kids.

Speed Simul
In addition to the main simul, GM Kaidanov played a speed chess simul against 4 lucky players.

Future Champions
Interacting with a Grandmaster is one way to inspire future champions.

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