15th Fox Chapel Chess Championshp

Held January 31, 2009 at O'Hara Elementary - 60 participants

Three 1st place winners - Prem Rajgopal, Will Schwartzman, and Ben Schwartz.


The winning O'Hara team.

113OHARAO Hara Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District1st Place Team Trophy
213FAIRVFairview Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District2nd Place Team Ribbon
312KERRKerr Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
49DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District


Addison Lynch surrenders graciously to Prem Rajgopal.

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Rajgopal, PremDORSE81361W4W3D2W531st Place Trophy
2Ding, YifengHARTE5 924W6W4D1L322nd Place Trophy
3Zhang, AlexOHARA41350W5L1D6W223rd Place Ribbon
4Dick, Nathaniel EDORSE7 960L1L2W5W62
5Lynch, AddisonDORSE7 941L3W6L4L11
6Norman, Jacob FDORSE7 982L2L5D3L4

Grades 3 - 12 Advanced

Logan Dick ponders a move in his game with Jacob Halasowski.

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Dick, LoganOHARA3 853D3W5W2W831st Place Trophy
2Zytnick, ZacharyOHARA3 840W6W4L1W332nd Place Trophy
3Zhang, EricOHARA4 683D1W7W4L223rd Place Ribbon
4Lee, SylvieDORSE6 757W9L2L3W52
5Tayal, Anand PFAIRV5 719W8L1W6L42
6Paviglianiti, DanielOHARA4 643L2W9L5B-2
7Krishnan, DipakOHARA5 872H-L3D8W92
8Halasowski, JacobDORSE6 593L5B-D7L11
9Olsson, AlexanderOHARA4 595L4L6B-L71

Grades 3 - 12 Beginner

Ryan Nguyen and Will Schwartman battling it out for tops in their section.

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Schwartzman, WillKERR4 509W9W11W2W441st Place Trophy
2Song, LeoOHARA3 321W17W5L1W1032nd Place Trophy
3Liu, AlbertKERR3 248W6W12L4W933rd Place Trophy
4Nguyen, RyanKERR5UnrW15W14W3L134th Place Trophy
5Lynch, JuliaFAIRV5 430W8L2W13W735th Place Trophy
6Desmone, Joey WOHARA5UnrL3W20W16W836th Place Ribbon
7Rodrigues, JeremyKERR4 339D13W10W14L52
8Creinin, ZacharyKERR4UnrL5W18W12L621st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
9Bermudez, CristinaFAIRV4 159L1W19W15L321st Place (Girl) Ribbon
10Paljug, AndreasFAIRV3UnrW16L7W11L221st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
11Urban, KonradOHARA5 384W18L1L10W172
12Oliva, CassandraFAIRV3 418W19L3L8W1521st Place (Girl) Ribbon
13Zytnick, WillOHARA3UnrD7D16L5D141
14Mc Dade, Dexter AFAIRV5 484W20L4L7D131
15Ream, BenOHARA3UnrL4W17L9L121
16Nandakumar, RohitHARTE3 420L10D13L6D181
17Fetting, EllieFAIRV4 198L2L15W19L111
18Cullen, PaulFAIRV3UnrL11L8D20D161
19Tabor, WilliamOHARA3UnrL12L9L17W201
20Baldwin, MatthewKERR5UnrL14L6D18L19

Grades K - 2

Ben Schwartz and Madison Borkovich wave hello.

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Schwartz, BenOHARA1 276W21W6W13W441st Place Trophy
2Fetting, LeahFAIRV2 145W9W24W8D332nd Place Trophy
3Leemhuis, ConnorFAIRV2 344W10W23W11D233rd Place Trophy
4Borkovich, MadisonFAIRV2 470W24W12W5L134th Place Trophy
5Grune, GeorgeOHARA1 246W17W7L4W1335th Place Trophy
6Chaudhary, VishanFAIRV2 688W23L1W10W1236th Place Ribbon
7Tayal, AsherFAIRV2 432W14L5W15W2236th Place Ribbon
8Oliva, Oscar AFAIRV1 100W16W9L2W2436th Place Ribbon
9Dennerline, IsaacOHARA1UnrL2L8W14W2021st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
10Mah, IsaacOHARA1UnrL3W17L6W1821st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
11Lynch, NoahFAIRV2 122W15W16L3L1421st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
12Fravel, WesleyOHARA2UnrW20L4W18L621st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
13Bermudez, AndresFAIRV2 406W25W22L1L521st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
14Wei, BrandonKERR2UnrL7W19L9W1121st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
15Mulhern, BrianOHARA2UnrL11W21L7W1921st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
16Tabor, RobertOHARA1UnrL8L11B-W2121st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
17Rodrigues, JonathanKERR1UnrL5L10D24W2511st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
18Vento, ArnoldFAIRV1UnrD22W25L12L1011st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
19Fetting, NateFAIRV0UnrB-L14D22L1511st Place (Kindergarten) Ribbon
20Choo, Justin OFAIRV0UnrL12B-D25L911st Place (Kindergarten) Ribbon
21Rosenberg, Andrew JFAIRV2UnrL1L15W23L161
22Urban, AnnikaOHARA2 100D18L13D19L711st Place (Girl) Ribbon
23Rymer, DemiOHARA2UnrL6L3L21B-11st Place (Girl) Ribbon
24Domat, AlexOHARA2UnrL4L2D17L8
25Powell, RyanOHARA2UnrL13L18D20L17


## of PlayersCodeSchoolDistrict
124OHARAO Hara Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
220FAIRVFairview Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
38KERRKerr Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
46DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
52HARTEHartwood Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District

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