9th Annual Fox Chapel Chess Championship

January 11, 2003 at O'Hara Elementary - 70 players

Hartwood - 1st Place team!!
Hartwood Elementary wins the Team Championship!

To view more photos from the 9th Annual Fox Chapel Chess Championship, click here: Photos


115HARTEHartwood Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District1st Place Team Trophy
213KERRKerr Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District2nd Place Team Ribbon
312FAIRVFairview Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
412DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
511OHARAO Hara Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District

Grades 6 -12 Advanced

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3ScorePrize
1Barbara, MatthewDORSE71283W3W2W431st Place Trophy
2Gough, Karl WDORSE71289W4L1W322nd Place Ribbon
3Dong, AndrewDORSE71221L1W4L21
4Dickel, MatthewDORSE61003L2L3L10

Grades 6 - 12 Beginner

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Thier, JonFOXHS11UnrB-W3W2L431st Place Trophy
2Meinert, Max JDORSE6 753W7W5L1W632nd Place Trophy
3Vaisleib, GregoryDORSE6 945W6L1W5W733rd Place Ribbon
4Sivakanthan, SananthanDORSE6 616L5W7W6W133rd Place Ribbon
5Thier, GregDORSE8UnrW4L2L3B-2
6Goreczny, AnthonyCDTCA6UnrL3B-L4L21
7Smart, AdrianDORSE6 553L2L4B-L31

Grades 3 - 5 Advanced

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Brady, Matthew DKERR41152W11W9W6W241st Place Trophy
2Gough, Randall WFAIRV31186W9W3W4L132nd Place Trophy
3Uselman, Jeffrey R JrHARTE4 866W12L2W11W733rd Place Trophy
4Barbara, JoshuaHARTE51249W7W13L2W1134th Place Ribbon
5Baron, EliFAIRV3 647L6B-W10W1234th Place Ribbon
6Todd, AndrewHARTE4 857W5L12L1W132
7Horne, AlexanderFAIRV5 819L4W10W13L32
8Horne, Nick AFAIRV5 694D10L11W12D92
9Brooks, AnthonyOHARA3 816L2L1B-D81
10Cullen, Ian JOHARA3 950D8L7L5B-1
11Mc Kaveney, John HOHARA3 748L1W8L3L41
12Kim, JeremieOHARA4 667L3W6L8L51
13Peterson, DaleOHARA4 645B-L4L7L61

Grades 3 - 5 Beginner

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Smith, Jesse AHARTE4 521W18W6W5W841st Place Trophy
2Werner, AnthonyHARTE3 580W15W9W8W1042nd Place Trophy
3Werner, RobertHARTE5 511W19W14W10W943rd Place Trophy
4Berklite, SamFAIRV5UnrL8W13W12W1134th Place Trophy
5Stonehirsch, RachelKERR5 295W12W19L1W1835th Place Ribbon
6Moncla, PhilOHARA3 386X-L1D16W202
7Otte, HarryHARTE3 424W17L10W18D142
8Rajgopal, PavanOHARA4 521W4W20L2L12
9Smart, SachaFAIRV3 478W14L2W11L32
10Sterrett, JohnOHARA4 555W21W7L3L22
11Clarke, WillOHARA3 369W16W17L9L42
12Beckman, Austen JOHARA3UnrL5B-L4W2121st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
13Vielott, Tom LOHARA3 581L20L4W21W162
14Ahn, JustinOHARA3UnrL9L3B-D71
15Steiner, David SOHARA3 196L2L16W20D171
16Verardi, AnthonyKERR4UnrL11W15D6L131
17Hoburg, PeterFAIRV3UnrL7L11W19D151
18Mangis, PhilipOHARA4 154L1W21L7L51
19Reineman, KatherineOHARA4UnrL3L5L17B-11st Place (Girl) Ribbon
20Horne, JuliaFAIRV3 100W13L8L15L611st Place (Girl) Ribbon
21Lewis, JacquelineKERR3UnrL10L18L13L120
22Martin, TomFAIRV3UnrF-U-U-U-0

Grades K - 2

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Brady, Andrew LKERR1 888W17W9W7W241st Place Trophy
2Rajgopal, PremOHARA2 995W15W12W8L132nd Place Trophy
3Trageser, StevenHARTE0UnrW13W5L4W1233rd Place Trophy
4Narayanan, KarthikFAIRV2 692W19W14W3L534th Place Trophy
5Peterson, LauraOHARA2 499W21L3W14W435th Place Ribbon
6Goodman, JoshFAIRV2 362L7W23W20W1335th Place Ribbon
7Chen, Gerry DHARTE0UnrW6W10L1D821st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
8Baron, CharlieFAIRV2 180W11W16L2D72
9Schwartz, Edward AFAIRV2UnrW18L1D10W1621st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
10Indianer, AdamOHARA2 377W24L7D9W152
11Halasowski, JacobOHARA0UnrL8D15W24W2221st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
12Sivakanthan, NitarsanKERR1 270W20L2W19L32
13Haynes, AnthonyKERR1UnrL3W21W18L62
14Smith, Jonathan RHARTE1UnrW22L4L5W182
15Olbrich, Nathaniel PFAIRV2UnrL2D11W23L101
16Lewis, VictoriaKERR2UnrD23L8W17L911st Place (Girl) Ribbon
17Linhart, WillFAIRV1UnrL1L20L16W191
18Mc Kaveney, DannyOHARA2 593L9W24L13L141
19Sterrett, Scott COHARA2UnrL4W22L12L171
20Regan, ConnorOHARA2UnrL12W17L6L211
21Uselman, KellyHARTE2UnrL5L13L22W201
22Mc Ghee, BradleyFAIRV1UnrL14L19W21L111
23Mangis, LaurenOHARA1UnrD16L6L15D241
24Lynch, AddisonFAIRV1UnrL10L18L11D23


## of PlayersCodeSchoolDistrict
123OHARAO Hara Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
217FAIRVFairview Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
311HARTEHartwood Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
49DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
58KERRKerr Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
61CDTCAChrist Divine Teacher SchoolDiocese of Pittsburgh School District
71FOXHSFox Chapel Area High SchoolFox Chapel Area School District

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