1999 Summer Scholastic Chess Challenge

Held at Transfiguration School on 8/21/99, this tournament had a total of 103 entrants and teams from 5 schools! Students from a total of 57 schools took part. As always in our tournaments, it takes 4 or more participants from a school to make a team.

Here are the results:


110HOMEEHome Elementary School1st Place Team Trophy
29WINCHWinchester Thurston School2nd Place Team Trophy
38DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District3rd Place Team Trophy
47TRANSTransfiguration School4th Place Team Ribbon
54HOMEPHome Middle School

1050 & Over

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Cheung, JackFRREG71402W5W3D2W431st Place Trophy
2Booth, Michael JWMAMS81521W4W7D1W532nd Place Trophy
3Sun, ZhipengDORSE81229W10L1D6W923rd Place Trophy
4Kofford, Aaron SPLUMH121200L2W6W9L124th Place Trophy
5Liu, BrianSFELE61094L1W10W7L225th Place Trophy
6Young, JasonSUNCR61066W9L4D3D826th Place Ribbon
7Harrison, Patrick WDORSE71309W8L2L5W1026th Place Ribbon
8Xiao, MichaelGRTON101055L7L9W10D611st Place (Tenth Grade) Ribbon
9Schiff, Aaron JJENSH91370L6W8L4L311st Place (Ninth Grade) Ribbon
10Mc Menamin, ChristopherSEWMD81050L3L5L8L701st Place (Eighth Grade) Ribbon

900 to 1049

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Trisal, RaulALPHA41015W2W7W5W641st Place Trophy
2Sharif, Ernest JSCHEN11 921L1W11W3W532nd Place Trophy
3Seshadri, HariEISEN3 907D4W12L2W723rd Place Trophy
4Woolhandler, Justin HSTBED6 946D3W10L6W824th Place Trophy
5Li, YileDORSE61045W8W6L1L225th Place Trophy
6Dorohovich, John M JrHOMEP6 943W9L5W4L126th Place Ribbon
7Trapani, DominickRIVER8 907W11L1W9L326th Place Ribbon
8Petesch, Gabriel NEDGEP2 931L5D9W10L411st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
9Guerrieri, LuisAEOBL81047L6D8L7W1211st Place (Eighth Grade) Ribbon
10Hickman, Michael AEHILL5 901D12L4L8W1111st Place (Fifth Grade) Ribbon
11Kumar, Vivek RFRREG91021L7L2W12L1011st Place (Ninth Grade) Ribbon
12Narla, SunilWINCH6 922D10L3L11L91st Place (Sixth Grade) Ribbon
13Haas, Kevin MarshallWENDR7 987U-U-U-U-0

800 to 899

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Betts, DanHOMES9UnrD4W5W7W631st Place Trophy
2Sun, LiAnnHARTE3 831W5L3W6W432nd Place Trophy
3Salmond, HyrumPLUMH10UnrW7W2L4W833rd Place Trophy
4Silver, Adam DSHAJR2 849D1W6W3L224th Place Trophy
5Trapani, Kevin MVERNE6 874L2L1W8W725th Place Trophy
6Trompeter, WhitneyELLIS6 809W8L4L2L116th Place Ribbon
7Cuneo, Michael JDORSE8 870L3W8L1L516th Place Ribbon
8Brnardic, AdamTRANS4 852L6L7L5L301st Place (Fourth Grade) Ribbon
9Hunter, Isaiah MHOMEP6 824U-U-U-U-0

700 to 799

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Schiff, Michael DJENES2 719W20W8W7W541st Place Trophy
2Neuenschwander, EricPIRHM8 720W13W11W3W642nd Place Trophy
3Feiler, AndyKERR4 769W23W4L2W1133rd Place Trophy
4Trompeter, NickyWINCH3 738W12L3W18W1034th Place Trophy
5Dorohovich, Grace LHOMEE3 774W18W19W10L135th Place Trophy
6Buuch, BulganSCHIL6UnrW15D7W12L226th Place Ribbon
7Wilkin, Max RAHPRK2 797W14D6L1W1726th Place Ribbon
8Oltmanns, Alexander MWINCH5 775D16L1W19W1426th Place Ribbon
9Gold, MaxWINCH4 790W21L10D17W1626th Place Ribbon
10Keegan, Ben JSTBED6 745W17W9L5L421st Place (Sixth Grade) Ribbon
11Herrmann, Stephen WGATJR7 759W22L2X-L321st Place (Seventh Grade) Ribbon
12Griffin, Sean DKERR3 798L4W16L6W1821st Place (Third Grade) Ribbon
13Humes, CoryDORSE8 787L2L21W20W2221st Place (Eighth Grade) Ribbon
14Scharding, Eddie CHOMEE5 738L7W23W15L821st Place (Fifth Grade) Ribbon
15Dotterer, Steven MPIRHM7 762L6W22L14W1921st Place (Seventh Grade) Ribbon
16Moeller, Mike TNAIHS10 710D8L12W23L911st Place (Tenth Grade) Ribbon
17Wang, JoeLNCLN6UnrL10B-D9L711st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
18Moeller, Joseph FCARSN7 704L5W20L4L121
19Ellis, LauraHOMEP7UnrB-L5L8L1511st Place (Girl) Ribbon
20Silver, JoshuaSHAJR0 779L1L18L13W2311st Place (Kindergarten) Ribbon
21O'Donovan, KylePEEBL5 735L9W13F-U-1
22Betts, CassieHOMEP8UnrL11L15B-L1311st Place (Girl) Ribbon
23Todd, JeffreyHARTE3 789L3L14L16L200
24Belenky, MatthewFALK5 727U-U-U-U-0
25Hartley, Christopher PSTJAM8UnrU-U-U-U-0

600 to 699

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Oppenheim, EthanGRDVE5 688W20W9W8W241st Place Trophy
2Westerman, ElliotHOMEE4 651W19W4W3L132nd Place Trophy
3Murray, Danny JBROKS2 688W12W5L2W833rd Place Trophy
4Herrmann, Stanley TMOSMD5 693W6L2W12W1134th Place Trophy
5Hill, ThaddaeusHOMEW5UnrW13L3W17W935th Place Trophy
6Song, YimingSFELE2 614L4W20W10W1336th Place Ribbon
7Mc Menamin, RobertSEWMD8 604L8W18D13W1421st Place (Eighth Grade) Ribbon
8Kukunas, PaulSHATR3 692W7W10L1L321st Place (Third Grade) Ribbon
9Nissly, Austin TPVLLY2 699W16L1W14L521st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
10Lawrence, Ben ASHAJR3 651W11L8L6W1821st Place (Third Grade) Ribbon
11Keegan, MartinSTBED4UnrL10W16W15L421st Place (Fourth Grade) Ribbon
12Terrell, StephenEHILL5 603L3W19L4W1721st Place (Fifth Grade) Ribbon
13Sufrin, JoshuaWINCH4 652L5W15D7L61
14Ellis, AllenHOMEE5 646D15W17L9L71
15Neville, David EMCMUR4UnrD14L13L11W1911st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
16Curtis, DavidWINCH1 620L9L11D19W2011st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
17Nicholson, BryanCALIF4 634W18L14L5L121
18Lambert, BradleyTRANS5UnrL17L7W20L101
19Buuch, NominMINAD3UnrL2L12D16L151st Place (Girl) Ribbon
20Kalchthaler, Kyle BROSS3 601L1L6L18L160

Under 600

#NameTeamGradeRatingRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4ScorePrize
1Oppenheim, EvanGRDVE3 503W23W5W4W341st Place Trophy
2Jones, George WALPHA7 412W16W11W8W1042nd Place Trophy
3Lackner, JordanPIRHM7 452W13W14W9L133rd Place Trophy
4Terrell, JustinROGMS8 405W12W18L1W1634th Place Trophy
5Osele, Jamie LDEERL9 565W19L1W18W835th Place Trophy
6Altschuler, ArielKERR5 589W15L8W11W936th Place Ribbon
7Belli, TomVALLY9 472W10L9W13W1236th Place Ribbon
8Hopper, Luke RHOMEE2 506W20W6L2L521st Place (Second Grade) Ribbon
9Scheerbaum, StevenDEERL9 536W22W7L3L621st Place (Ninth Grade) Ribbon
10Meyers, Judith EMINAD3 589L7W22W14L221st Place (Girl) Trophy
11Mauder, JeffreyFRICK7 522W17L2L6W1921st Place (Seventh Grade) Ribbon
12Mauder, Matthew JPCREA9 550L4W24W15L721st Place (Ninth Grade) Ribbon
13Moretti, Christopher MTRANS6 560L3W21L7W1721st Place (Sixth Grade) Ribbon
14Schramm, Jordan MTRANS4 523W21L3L10W2021st Place (Fourth Grade) Ribbon
15Seelnacht, James JTRANS8 472L6W20L12W1821st Place (Eighth Grade) Ribbon
16Kanaitis, Jane MTRANS5 560L2D17W21L411st Place (Fifth Grade) Ribbon
17Axelrod, JoshMINAD2UnrL11D16W19L1311st Place (Unrated) Ribbon
18Herrmann, Stuart ARAMEL3 507W24L4L5L1511st Place (Third Grade) Ribbon
19Schramm, Nathaniel JTRANS1 459L5W23L17L1111st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
20Stankovich, Mark GFAIRV1UnrL8L15W24L1411st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
21Rosen, Noah ACOMDS1UnrL14L13L16W2211st Place (First Grade) Ribbon
22Kanaitis, JuliaTRANS4 335L9L10W23L2112nd Place (Girl) Ribbon
23Sufrin, ZachWINCH1UnrL1L19L22D24
24Stamos, DanielCOMDS1UnrL18L12L20D23


## of PlayersCodeSchoolDistrict
18TRANSTransfiguration School
27WINCHWinchester Thurston School
35DORSEDorseyville Middle SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
45HOMEEHome Elementary School
54HOMEPHome Middle School
63KERRKerr Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
73MINADMinadeo Elementary SchoolPittsburgh School District
83PIRHMPine Richland Middle SchoolPine Richland School District
93SHAJRShady Side Academy Junior School
103STBEDSt Bede School
112COMDSCommunity Day School
122DEERLDeer Lakes High SchoolDeer Lakes School District
132EHILLEast Hills Elementary SchoolPittsburgh School District
142FRREGFranklin Regional Junior High SchoolFranklin Regional School District
152GRDVEGrandview Erie Elementary School
162HARTEHartwood Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
172PLUMHPlum Senior High SchoolPlum Borough School District
182ALPHAProvidence Alpha School
192SEWMDSewickley Academy Middle School
202SFELESouth Fayette Elementary SchoolSouth Fayette School District
211AEOBLA E OBlock Junior High SchoolPlum Borough School District
221AHPRKAllegheny Hyde Park SchoolKiski Area School District
231CALIFCalifornia Area Elementary SchoolCalifornia Area School District
241CARSNCarson Middle SchoolNorth Allegheny School District
251PCREACreative Performing Arts High SchoolPittsburgh School District
261EDGEPEdgewood Elementary SchoolWoodland Hills School District
271EISENEisenhower Elementary SchoolUpper St Clair School District
281ELLISEllis School
291FAIRVFairview Elementary SchoolFox Chapel Area School District
301FALKFalk School
311FRICKFrick International AcademyPittsburgh School District
321GATJRGateway Middle SchoolGateway School District
331GRTONGroton School
341HOMESHome High School
351HOMEWHomewood Montessori SchoolPittsburgh School District
361BROKSJ H Brooks Elementary SchoolMoon Area School District
371JENSHJeannette High SchoolJeannette City School District
381JENESJeannette Mc Kee Elementary SchoolJeannette City School District
391LNCLNLincoln Elementary SchoolMount Lebanon School District
401MCMURMc Murray Elementary School
411MOSMDMosside Middle SchoolGateway School District
421NAIHSNorth Allegheny Intermediate SchoolNorth Allegheny School District
431PEEBLPeebles Elementary SchoolNorth Allegheny School District
441PVLLYPleasant Valley SchoolPeters Township School District
451RAMELRamsey Elementary SchoolGateway School District
461RIVERRiverview High SchoolRiverview School District
471ROGMSRogers Middle SchoolPittsburgh School District
481ROSSRoss Elementary SchoolNorth Hills School District
491SCHENSchenley High SchoolPittsburgh School District
501SCHILSchiller Classical AcademyPittsburgh School District
511SHATRShaffer Primary SchoolWoodland Hills School District
521STJAMSt James School
531SUNCRSuncrest Middle School
541VALLYValley High SchoolNew Kensington Arnold School District
551VERNEVerner Elementary SchoolRiverview School District
561WENDRWendover Junior High SchoolHempfield Area School District
571WMAMSWest Mifflin Area Middle SchoolWest Mifflin Area School District

Players are in final tiebreak order.

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